Web Applications

SinoGael Web Development Team offer websites suits your need at affordable prices. We specialise in cutting-edge technologies to provides websites with style, functionality and easy of use.

Looking for a eye-catching website to impress customers? Or elegant website that provide after-sale support? Using advanced web technologies and techniques, we deliver websites that look atttactive style and professional.
Useful Functionalities

Our designed websites provide dynamic and interactive experiences to web visitors. SinoGael Website Team are experts in implementing useful web-based  features, such as timetables, document download portal, web forums, and multimedia streaming services, to add value to  your websites.

For websites with a lot of dynamic web contents, such as news bulletins or blogs, SinoGael CMS (Content Management System) solutions provide flexible and easy to use interface allow web contents  to be updated frequency and match your needs.


Web 2.0 and Social Networking Integration

Web 2.0 enchance web experience by providing collaboration and interoperability on the World Wide Web. SinoGael websites can be used to allow users to share your interactive web contents with popular Web 2.0 platforms such as Facebook, YouTube and Twitter, generating more awareness and interests on your websites. RSS News Feed provide a asynchorised news updates on your websites.

We are experts in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and we are happy to help your site score higher on  major search engines (Google, Yahoo), generate more traffic to your websites.
Web Browser Compatiablity

SinoGael design websites with compatibility in mind. All major web browsers and major operating systems, are tested to ensure websites can be viewed from major devices, such as iPhone or Windows PCs.

The following web browsers are supported:

Microsoft Internet Explorer
Mozilla Firefox
Google Chrome
Opera Web Browser
Apple Safari (Mac OS and iPhone)
Google Android Web Browser
Reliable After Sale Service and Support

We value our customers and our support team are always ready to look after the website after deployment. Periodic backups, software and security updates are provided to prevent attacks from hackers and viruses.