Products and Services

SinoGael provide powerful and reliable IT solutions for our customers. Our expertise in leading open source solutions, together with high reliable and leading edge Open Source Software. Our solutions provide functionality and reliability our clients are expected from us.

easyceipt - digital receipt system

easyceipt provides a simple, helpful and innovative way to help the traditional receipt to change into digital format. All the functions of paper receipt are also apply on  digital receipt and even more.
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Enterprise Software Applications

Based on powerful and reliable Linux Operating Systems and Open Source software, our Enterprise Applications Solutions offer exceptional functionality and security server solutions for your business.
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Mobile Applications

Enjoy the latest and greatest mobile applications, work or fun, no problem. SinoGael offers excellent mobile solutions that enable you to leverage the power of mobile technologies.

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Web Applications

SinoGael Web Development Team offer websites suits your need at affordable prices. We specialise in cutting-edge technologies to provides websites with style, functionality and easy of use. The following are all included in our web development products.

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