Mobile Applications on the move,
anytime, anywhere

Enjoy the latest and greatest mobile applications, work or fun, no problem. SinoGael offers excellent mobile solutions that enable you to leverage the power of mobile technologies.

Leading Mobile Platforms

Our experienced development team are expert in mobile development platform. We implement solutions on most popular mobile phones and mobile platform available today.

+  Google Android
+  Apple iPhone OS
Websites for Mobile

Common constraints of mobile applications:

+  screen size
+  processing Power
+  without physical keyboard
+  intermittent network connections
+  battery life

Our mobile web team employ "best practice" mobile web design techniques, provide consistent and professional looking website on the mobile platforms.


Tailored made Mobile Applications

We specialise in custom made mobile application solutions that suit your needs. We access your requirements and implement unique solutions that enable you to enjoy next generation powerful mobile solutions on the go, anytime and anywhere!

Together with our software development team, we deliver some of the most unique solutions. Here are some example:

+  Email communication system
+  Remote secure file retrieval system
+  Remote device control system