SinoGael Business Server Solutions
Combining Power of Linux with SinoGael Software Expertise

+  All standard Enterprise features as a single package, no more MS Windows Server, MS Exchange Server or MS SQL Server
+  Flexible hardware requirements and lower cost of licensing and less restrictions
+   First class aftersale services and support
+   Interoperability with legacy and Windows system
+  Future proof extensible software available with future extensions in mind

Open Source Technology expert

+  Linux - reliable and most popular server operating system
+  MySQL and PostgreSQL - powerful open source databases
+  Drupal - Web Content Management Systems
+  Apache Software - Collections of Open Source Java Technologies
+  Java - Feature rich programming language
Software Development expert

Our team consist of programmers specialise in:

+  Java
+  Google Android SDK
+  C++
+  C#
+  PHP

With  our extensive knowledge, we deliver a wide range of software solutions to our customers

Hardware and Networking Expert

+  Server installation and maintenance
+  Barcode scanners
+  Thermal printers
+  Networking deployment
+  Desktop installation and maintenance
+  Backup and security strategy

Together with our software expertise, SinoGael offers feature rich and reliable complete solutions to our customers
Talented Software Development Team

Modern software development methodology, together with our technical expertise, we provide high quality software services to our valued customers.
Technical Support and Services

+  After sale technical support
+  Security and software upgrade
+  Advice of new functionalities and features