About Us

Our mission is to develop high quality and innovative software that provide cost-effective and reliable solutions for our valued customers. Our team are experts in modern software development and committed to deliver quality software to meet our customers needs, today and tomorrow.

The world is changing rapidly, especially in the world of technology. It is important to any business to keep up-to-date with current technologies, to maintain competitiveness and leaders in this dynamic world. Here in SinoGael, we are strived to offer you expert advice and solutions to advance your technological advantage.

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Chau Wong, Founder

                                                                                                                                                     “Technologies change the world”. This is always a motto which bears in my mind.  After graduating from Dublin City University, I have worked in the IT industry  in Ireland .Technologies is changing with each passing day. I hope I can contribute to the industry one day. With the enthusiasm of software development and the perseverance of technology. I back to Hong Kong, my place of birth and  I established SinoGael Technologies . As the Founder of SinoGael, my commitment, is to make your life better through using our technologies. Today, “Technologies change the world” is not only my personal motto, but also the mission of SinoGael. The whole staff strive hard together to work out the concept.